Age of Man

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One of the eras of Errant Story, and the time during which most known history (human history, anyway) happened; abbreviated AoM.

The Age of Man stretches from 1800 BCE (Before Common Era) almost to the present day, and indeed, comes to an end along with Ian Samael, giving way to the Common Era after he's dispatched. Its start dates to the raising of the Elven Barrier that allowed the elves to hide themselves away in Praenubilus Astu and sulk for millennia, following the messiness of the Errant War. Humans had existed before that (as far back as about 3000 BCE or more), but it was the creation of the Barrier that dumped them into the unsuspecting world, to start figuring out how to make it on their own, without the elven help/protection that they'd counted on for centuries. Needless to say, this didn't go well.

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