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Race: Humans
Gender: Female
Introduction: 2004/02/27


Chapter 7
02/27, 03/01, 03/03, 03/05, 03/08, 03/10, 03/15

Chapter 11
12/24, 12/31, 01/03, 01/05, 01/10, 01/13, 01/21

Chapter 12
04/11, 04/13

Chapter 22
07/17, 07/19, 07/21

Chapter 23
08/18, 09/18

Chapter 27
03/14, 03/16, 03/19, 03/21, 03/23

Chapter 31
11/19, 11/21, 11/23, 11/26, 11/28, 11/30

Chapter 32
01/21, 01/23, 01/25, 01/28, 01/30, 02/01, 02/04

Chapter 37
11/17, 11/19, 11/21, 11/24, 11/26, 11/28, 12/01

Chapter 41
07/13, 07/15, 07/17, 07/20, 07/22, 07/24, 07/27, 07/29

Chapter 45
04/19, 04/21, 04/23, 04/26

Chapter 46
07/19, 07/22

Chapter 47

Chapter 49
04/18, 04/21, 04/25, 04/28, 05/02

Chapter 50
06/16, 06/23, 06/30, 07/04, 08/04, 08/11


2004/12/20, 2004/12/22, 2006/03/13, 2007/05/02, 2007/09/10, 2007/11/16, 2008/10/13, 2008/10/17

Anita is, or was, Imperatrix (big enchilada) of the Ensigerum. She has held this title for a fairly short time, coming into it (as we have learned from Paul, her late second-in-command) as a result of the massive loss of face the Ensigerum suffered in the Connel affair.

We don't really know much about her, considering that she's an important character. She appears to be an attractive and ridiculously fit woman in her late thirties or so, but appearances may be deceptive; in trying to get Ian on board with her plans for world domination, she observes that she "may be older than I look." So we don't know how old she is. The "ridiculously fit" part is certainly accurate, anyway. She lived in Saus for a while, although we don't know for sure whether she was born there.

Anita is a bit of an extremist, as the Ensigerum go. She believes that the monks should end their separation from the outside world, go forth and bend things to their will. She is also an incredibly formidable combatant (Sara Amraphel says Anita is one of the best fighters the Ensigerum has ever produced), who can fight opponents either moving her speed or twenty times slower. One of her top priorities is the elimination of the Gewehr Wraiths from Veracia, as the Gewehr were responsible for making the Ensigerum look bad in the Connel fiasco. She also believes that the Veracian Church should cut its ties to the Elves. Failing this, she's currently looking at the possibility of just disposing of the elves, period, using her new and shiny Ian-bomb.

Anita seems to wear a perpetual sneer, whether directing it at her inferiors in the Ensigerum or at dignitaries like Jeramel, whom she beards in his den in contravention of the long-standing protocols for interactions between Ensigerum and Veracian Church. Somehow this doesn't seem like the ideal way for a leader to comport herself, but being a complete and utter badass, she's able to get away with it.

She has joined the sad ranks of the Living Impaired as a result of a double-teaming by Sarine (with the help of an Inanire 312) and Sara, at the grand final battle in Praenubilus Astu.

Poe Notes:|

(From this entry in the modern Forum)

She was meant to look like a 40-50 year old in extremely good shape... basically the sort of person that you can't quite actually place the correct age of. But I'm not exactly great at drawing older people so her features tend to be in a bit of a flux from one image to the next.
I think there was idea I had concerning the Ensigerum that all the low and middle level monks (Warrel, Sara, most the various Ensigerum mooks) looked fairly close to their actual age, with a few extra winkles here and there, as if they've been under a lot of stress and lack of sleep, the upper middle ranked monks (most of the instructors and the guys who actually make all those stupid weapons) just plain look old often long before their time, meanwhile the very few highest level monks (Anita, Paul, who ever else there might be) strangely enough look younger than the monks just under them, they all appear to be of an indeterminate middle age no matter what their true age might be..
On a related note, time magic cannot actually extend a person's lifespan in any sort of major way (at least not past what other magics could have also done anyway). This is even one the three uses of time magic that the Ensigerum consider to be completely impossible. Traveling back into the past, and seeing more than about 12 hours into the future are the other two. Of course, these are the exact three things that Tsuirakuian mages keep trying to do with time magic and that’s way they usually kill their fool selves trying.
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