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Stuff worn by those in (or expecting) combat, to protect the fragile flesh within from getting cut, stabbed, squashed, etc. Also spelled armour in certain parts of the world, although not in the Poe-verse.


Kinds of armor

The nuances of real-world armor fill many a real-world book, but in the world of Errant Story, there are basically two classes of armor: full field plate that makes the wearer look more or less like an animated tank, and lighter gear more nearly resembling clothing. Most of the armored characters wear the former class; Sarine, of course, goes her own way.

The heavy armor involves heavy metal pieces that cover the wearer's torso, and usually arms and legs. A helmet is usually included, which may protect the entire head (including a visor for the face) or just the skull with an open face (think of a baseball helmet or one of the classic brain buckets from World War II). Elves favor the former, while the disposable military/cops in Veracia mainly wear the latter.

Sarine, like at least one other ranger seen so far (Sarna), wears something a bit more, well, comfortable. Her outfit consists of pieces of metal to protect key bits, strapped together and augmented with leather or similarly resistant material over other parts of her body. (Straps ... leather ... naw, don't go there.) She doesn't wear a helmet. This more flexible, if less sturdy, outfit is more consistent with the rangers' way of doing things than field plate; it can be concealed under the cloak that she usually wears, doesn't jangle or reflect light as easily so that she can be stealthy when she moves, and gives the wearer the ability to execute all manner of acrobatics while wearing it, which of course Sarine does all the time.

Interestingly, Sarine's current armor is of human, not elven, manufacture. It wasn't always so, as Poe has explained (see comments at the end of the Sarine Elle article), and in the flashback sequence about the death of her human mate, she was wearing a different set of armor of elven manufacture. Sarna seems to wear something similar to Sarine's original elven gear.

Armor wearers

Among the Good Guys, Sarine is the only one who regularly wears armor. Even she is dubious about it in the modern age, opining that it may not be good for much any more (and she upgraded to a low-profile cuirass of apparently elven manufacture in time for her near-fatal fight with Warrel). The elaborate Gewehr "uniform" that Jon wears (among others) may incorporate some armor-like padding, but it isn't obvious.

The only humans definitely seen to wear armor are the assorted muscle working for the Veracian Church. Elves, however, are a different story: they love armor, and there's a different type for every occasion. The Viradior have characteristic armor that seems styled to the individual. Rank-and-file (read:expendable) members of the elven army wear a standardized set of plate mail that makes them indistinguishable at first glance. Commanders like the late Toren wear something far more elaborate. Elven rangers don't seem to fit any pattern on armor use; Sarna was seen (through an illusion) to wear a light armor similar to Sarine's, while Barin has only been seen wearing ceremonial duds that may or may not have concealed something similar.

As noted above, the armor that Sarine has been wearing lately is of human, rather than elven, manufacture; see the Poe Notes at the end of the Sarine Elle article. This implies that, at least until recently, there were human armor wearers that we haven't seen yet.


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