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A type of mage, first mentioned here, specializing in things martial, and employed by the Tsuiraku military/national guard. (Other nations might also have battlemages in their military forces, but we haven't seen any yet.) The only one identified by name so far is Meji's friend Bani, but there are others, as shown here, here and here. Distinguishable from an anonymous guard by wearing robes rather than armor, the better to cast spells, presumably.

We don't know for sure what spells and weapons a battlemage can use. Bani was first seen wielding a Yuuki staff, to Meji's envy. The other members of the Tsuirakuan military/guard (presumed to be battlemages) also carry staff-like weapons, but we don't know whether they're all Yuuki staves.

Types of Tsuirakuan battlemages include Touroku, Seishou, Mekani, Kouken, Kado, and Heliomancers.

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Infodump from June 12th, 2010

Though it is a single cohesive organization, the Tsuirakuan Military is made up of several different divisions.
First off is the Touroku, the entry level in the military. The Touroku function as general infantry and rank and file general purpose soldiers. Bani and most of the battlemage guards seen in the comic are Touroku. Recruits typically spend three to five years as Touroku before choosing a specialty and moving on to another division, or becoming instructors for new Touroku recruits.
Seishou, also referred to as Evokers, Blasters, Nukers, and so on, is the artillery division of the battle mages. They specialize in, well, blowing shit up as effectively and from as long a range as possible. Years after the events of Errant Story, a somewhat viable means of flight magic is developed and the Seishou also become the military’s air force.
Mekani, also called Tank Mages and Pet Mages, are the ‘mechanized calvary’ division of the Tsuirakuan military. They focus on deploying and directing golems through the battlefield and using them as expendable shock troopers. The golems themselves are semi-autonomous, needing only light guidance, thus allowing a skilled mage to control multiple golems at a time. The Mekani are also the engineering and maintenance division of the battlemages, handling most of the construction and operation of the military’s vehicles and installations. The Mekani are by far the largest of the military’s branches.
Kouken, also called Guardians, Protectors, Healbitches, and Operators, are the military‘s primary defensive force, field medics, and catch-all division. They specialize in protection spells, healing, divination, and various types of effects to help organize and direct the other divisions on the battlefield.
Kado is the newest and smallish branch, only recently split from the Mekani. The Kado‘s only functions are to infiltrate enemy lines through whatever means required, and either sabotage the enemy or set-up portable warp gates to covertly allow the easy transport of Tsuirakuan forces into hostile regions.
Heliomancers are Tsuiraku’s Special Forces. Typically they’re made up of elite battlemages from all the other divisions (though most often Seishou and Kouken)… Ehm, I really don’t have much on them besides that they have cool armor and are heavily inspired by the Asheron’s Call’s Hieromancers.
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