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That subset of Living Impaired characters unique to the world of the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game.

Errant Road is unusual among role-playing games in that, in all but the most exceptional circumstances (what happened to Father Egbert and "Sherry"), death truly is final. There's no widely available Resurrection spell here, and Egbert and Sherry got a second chance among the living via intervention by, if not deities, at least extremely powerful figures. Even these two were by no means restored to their pre-demise human state, but rather had something happen to them that is not necessarily a clear improvement on death -- but read the game for that. Anyway, the knowledge that death is almost certainly permanent has caused players and (most) NPCs alike to be careful to avoid it, so the casualty list here is shorter than for some RPGs -- although it's still long enough to give the more peaceful player characters and their handlers pause.

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