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A specific variety of omake (extra material) written by Poe and Impy for those long, slow weekends while Errant Story is on a twice-weekly rather than thrice-weekly schedule; also called the "Saturday Filler Infodump." Installments usually consist of an image plus text information on the countries and other entities of Errant Story (Veracia, Ensigerum, etc.), or other interesting background material or visuals. Pointers to the current installment of the Chronicles can be found on Errant Tweets, the site's official Twitter page.


A master list of the Chronicles of Heretic Knowledge, up to date, is here. For your convenience in not having to leave the wiki:

Date Subject Image
2010/06/12 Battlemages (none)
2010/06/19 Getting Ahead of Myself Yuan
2010/06/26 Veracia Part One Map of ancient Veracia
2010/07/03 Veracia Part Two Map of slightly less ancient Veracia
2010/07/10 Ninja Space Dwarves Ninja space dwarves, of course
2010/07/17 Veracia Part Three Map of even less ancient Veracia
2010/07/24 Rook Rook
2010/07/31 Tsuiraku Tsuirakushiti
2010/08/07 Archer Archer
2010/08/14 Farrel Map of Farrel
2010/08/28 Gewehr Map of Farrel
2010/09/11 After the Barrier Fell (re-emergence of elves) Elven delegation to Tsuirakushiti
2010/09/18 The Appearance of the Flying City Tsuirakushiti
2010/09/25 Dawn of War Emerylon
2010/10/02 The Mage Priest Wars Emerylon
2010/10/23 Race and Appearance in Errant Story Professor Yukiri's class
2010/10/30 The Trolls Trolls
2010/11/06 The Trolls Part Two Trolls
2010/11/20 Santuariel Santuariel
2010/12/04 Santuariel Part Two Santuariel
2010/12/18 Ensigerum Ensigerum village
2011/02/12 "I saw three gods come floating in" Anilis and Senilis
2011/02/19 Dwarves Dwarven ruins somewhere
2011/03/05 Apotheosis  ???

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