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Race: Paedagogusi
Gender: None
Introduction: 2009/09/25


09/25, 09/28, 09/30, 10/02


2005/10/05, 2006/02/24, 2009/10/05

Concussion is one of the Paedagogusi. She's apparently crazy. At the minimum, she has a thing about glowing, flying cockroaches and has tried to use a hammer on her fellow Paedagogusi Kawaii. After much eager(?) anticipation, she has finally appeared in the story, looking just as crazy as advertised, and putting what looks like a terminal hurting on elven High Commander Yenhael and one unnamed elf.

A concussion-inflicting sprite called the Shintou Faerie appears in this Exploitation Now strip. See the Kawaii entry for more information on that character.

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