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Mentioned In: 2003/03/05, 2004/03/15, 2005/07/04

Father of Chris, currently presumed dead.

He was a member of the Ensigerum before he left the Order to start up his own group of time-ninjas. He and the group that he was training were then hunted down and executed by the Order.

Errant Road connection?

Correl himself, like almost all other significant characters in Errant Story, doesn't appear directly in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, which is derived from Errant Story's world. However, there's an interesting Errant Road episode in a place called "Leonish" that hosted some breakaway time-ninja group and was burned to the ground by the Ensigerum, with the slaughter of all therein (except for a few interesting refugees). Might this Leonish have been the place founded by Correl? Possibly, hard to say, but in any case, it doesn't appear per se in the Poe-verse.

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