Derren Felmel

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Derren Felmel

Race: Half Elves
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2002/11/25


11/25, 11/27, 11/29, 12/02, 12/04, 12/06



Derren was the hapless half elf who got killed so that the readers would have a demonstration of what Sarine does for a living. She relays what she had heard, that three girls of the local town had been raped and mutilated. The cops thought a troll had done it. Sarine thought otherwise. We don't really have any evidence but it's heavily implied that this was a symptom of Derren being an Errant.

Lived for 56 years in the town (revealed, in the reboot and specifically in Impy's discussions of how the dead-tree release is going to work, to be called "Bardus Sopora") where he was found by Sarine. Said to look about 30-ish. Known to stutter when nervous or angry. Killed (messily) in the Guzzling Wench tavern.

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