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An incident of some sort that is part of the backstory of the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. As far as can be told, it didn't happen in the Poe-verse.

Although the Albigenish Incident happened a few years before the start of the Errant Road game, it's significant as part of the personal history of player character Sister Rose, who went by "Captain Rose Nuria" at the time of the Incident owing to her (then) position in the Veracian military. Most of what we know about the Incident comes from various of her flashbacks, some of them amusing, others ... not. Important in the latter class is a horrible memory triggered the first time fellow PC Drusia contacts her using telepathy, which reminds her of the messy death of one of the people under her command in the Incident.

Apparently the Incident was some manner of border skirmish centered around the city of Albigenish, just barely on the far side of Veracia's border with the Northern Confederacy. We don't have a clear picture of what the squabble was all about, but it involved Errants, whose lines the special-ops unit under Rose's command (including a half elf of their own, Kenny Lucas, whom Rose would eventually marry) were ordered to penetrate and reconnoiter. Additional details emerge from time to time as Rose has more flashbacks, so stay tuned.

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