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An NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. He's no longer among the living there, and it's probably just as well.

This fellow, who apparently goes by the name "Arkie," is on stage only briefly before meeting a particularly gruesome end, but those brief appearances are very important, probably. He masquerades as the considerably more reputable (and, alas, equally deceased) Gordon Grumiel in an interview with Argus and Brother Miguel as the latter two try to figure out what happened to the mysteriously missing Father Egbert. Argus and Egbert aren't taken in by the charade and send him on his way, discovering only afterward that the real Mr. Grumiel has been the victim of an unfortunate and fatal mishap at the Millenarian temple in Saus. Evidence is developed that suggests that this Arganial guy had something to do with Mr. Grumiel's demise, although the details aren't clear.

Shortly thereafter, he appears again with his nephew and niece, Buddy and Liz, themselves destined to meet messy ends. The Arganial trio are also searching for Egbert, and have journeyed to Heamish for an "interview" with Egbert's sister Mildred Hamael and family -- or at least they thought that's where they were going, but a bit of misdirection by Miguel sent them off on a wrong turn, gaining time for Miguel and Argus to talk to the Hamaels first. Arkie, Buddy and Liz ride over a pass at one end of the Sleeping Sexton rock formation as they head back for Heamish, in the process having a spooky near-encounter with the magically concealed Argus.

That's the last we see of them (alive) in the main game plot line, although they do put in a brief appearance somewhere in southern Veracia for purposes of providing some backstory. They shuffle off this mortal coil soon after this cameo, as they stir up something at the ruins in Centoriel that they really shouldn't have stirred up. The incinerated remains of the two male Arganials are found by the adventurers, and developments in a far distant land soon suggest that their deaths might have been more, one might say, merciful than what happened to Liz. And there, for the moment, their story rests, not necessarily in peace.

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