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A locale in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. As far as is known, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

When first encountered, this vineyard is a rather run-down (and, at that point, not yet named) operation just outside the city limits of the Farrelian city of Rinkaiel. It attracts the interest of PC Layla and her entourage, who are looking for a place for Layla to run as cover while she studies magic -- and helps the Gewehr establish a presence in the city. "Negotiations" with the place's original tenants, a couple named Vikor and Sarya, lead to the latter pair rapidly decamping and the property getting sold to Layla and her mother, with the exception of an enigmatic shack on the far southern boundary of the property that is inexplicably exempted from the sale.

This locale rapidly becomes a main center of action in the various Farrel threads, as PCs Layla, Jamie (and her mother and child), Kalin, Rhett, etc., pass through at one time or another. Playing hostess to this motley crew is definitely not what Layla had in mind when she took the place over, but she does the best she can. A complication is that that shack to the south turns out to have something to do with a shadowy group -- possibly revolutionaries -- operating in the Tsuiraku-town district of Rinkaiel. Some of the odd characters that pass through there (the shack apparently serves as a clandestine warp gate, among other things) come into conflict with those at the vineyard, and draw Layla and friends into some kind of messiness involving the sinister Captain Kitaura that is still being sorted out.

The vineyard's irreverent name is Layla's idea, and was what she really wanted to call the similar operation in Kiyoka that she and her late husband Arty Samuels ran before Arty was killed.

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