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The Bonny Read (BR for short) is an airship that appears in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

The BR serves as the centerpiece for the comedic "Airship Pirates, Chapter 1: Isabel" thread. As one might expect from the title, it's an airship that's crewed by, well, pirates. The description is largely theoretical, however, as we have never seen them successfully commit piracy against anything, although not for want of trying. It shows up later in the long-running Goriel thread complex, which is generally a much more serious proposition, although the BR manages to bring some levity to that subject as well. In the Goriel threads, its main function is to bring a hired gun, player character Jamie, to the Goriel area so that she can hunt down and kill the renegade priest Father Blaise, for reasons never made completely clear. (Of course, all sorts of other strange things happen in the process.) It also puts in a brief appearance in the Rinkaiel thread complex, but to relatively little effect.

As pirate airships (probably) go, the BR is a large, well-equipped affair, with all the standard pirate-airship stuff -- guns, sizable crew, guns, mess, guns, storage space for purloined treasure, guns, and so on. The startup of the Airship Pirates thread calls it "new," which probably explains why there are certain ... bugs that are still getting worked out (notably the very buggy crew). A similarly large airship, the Queen Alice's Revenge, is out there (and serves as the BR's foil for the first half of the thread), so while it may be "new," it's not particularly innovative. This is probably just as well.


Several player characters "serve" (for certain definitions of the word) aboard this mighty vessel for a time:

Several other crew members are named and serve as NPCs, some disposable, some not:

  • Jon Wrackham, ship's captain; also spelled "John" and/or "Rackham"
  • Kattie Amhurst, first mate; also spelled "Katie" and/or "Amherst"
  • Glorfinkle, regrettably(?) deceased
  • Shorty, still going strong many threads, and years of real time, later

Of course, there are the usual number of unnamed NPCs on board, serving partly as crew but mainly as red-shirted ensigns waiting to have something bad happen to them. There's even a joke about that in the Airship Pirates thread.

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