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An NPC in the Errant Road free-form role-playing game. Not only does he not exist in the Poe-verse (as is true with all of the Errant Road characters, except for a few cameos), his place of origin, the Southern Continent of myth and legend, doesn't either, so he's really on his own in Errant Road. His basic concept is developed more fully here (scroll down the page).

When first encountered, Brother Miguel is one of the priests at the Veracian Mission in Kiyoka, where his main duties are the supervision of the novices and initiates. However, when Father Egbert mysteriously takes off to who-knows-where, Miguel is assigned the task of accompanying player character Argus Cleiviein to Veracia to find and recover him. The two have all manner of merry adventures there, eventually linking up first with Argus' familiar Harker, and then with Sister Rose, another NPC from the Kiyokan mission who comes east to help them and get them some wheels. Alas, their main purpose goes badly, and Egbert jumps off a cliff to a messy end (maybe...) as Miguel, Rose, Argus, etc., watch in horror, but it really wasn't Miguel's fault.

Like many denizens of the Kiyokan mission, Brother Miguel is a member of the Reformed branch of the Veracian Church. He has a number of priestly magical skills, some of which show up in the Poe-verse (e.g. the Barrier spell) and others that are unique to the world of Errant Road. Conspicuous among these is the ability to cast a spell that allows him to determine, infallibly as far as is known, whether a speaker that he's listening to is telling the truth as the speaker understands it. This has come in handy on several occasions, and probably has something to do with why he's been assigned to supervise the novices (and assigned not to get involved in the smitings and confessions).

Being originally from more ... primitive ... country than Tsuiraku or Veracia, he retains memories of folklore, superstition, etc. (in other words, things definitely not part of the theology of the Veracian Church) that make him distinctly nervous about some of the things that happened at the mission before he left. Whether any of these will come into play in the development of the Errant Road "story" isn't clear yet. Veracian isn't his first language (nor is Tsuirakuan), and although he's perfectly fluent in both under normal conditions, he can get somewhat inarticulate in times of stress. For convenience, the Southern Continent language that he lapses into on such occasions is represented in the story as Spanish, although it's really something distinctive, of course.

He and mini-skirted Sister Marilyn constitute an Item, and have recently become engaged following his return home from Veracia, escorting Brother Redmond to the mission to assume Egbert's duties there. He's been seen only in sidebars since then, but he'll presumably be back in the main picture if the action ever returns to Kiyoka.

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