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A particularly unpleasant character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't appear in the Poe-verse. He's also no longer among the living in Errant Road, and in this case, it's probably just as well.

This fellow, who neatly straddles the gray border between "evil" and "insane" (albeit with the more heavily weighted foot clearly in the latter), was originally named "Ozzie Samuels" before he joined the hideous Malletarian cult and took on a name from the "church," making a mockery of both church names and himself. He's the brother of the former Gewehr Wraith, the late Arty Samuels, who passed beyond the pale in a fracas early in the game. He is first mentioned under his old name, as Arty's widow, the sincerely grieving yet rapidly rebounding PC Layla, is going over funeral arrangements with her mother Faye.This exchange between the two speaks volumes about Ozzie's character:

"Do we try to find and invite Ozzie?"
Now that struck home. Ozzie Samuels was Arty's only surviving brother, in fact the only close family member of any kind that Arty had acknowledged existing -- certainly not "loved" or any other verb implying affection, but he was out there somewhere. And they knew where. Ozzie had abandoned the Gewehr and joined the bizarrely homicidal religious cult up in the mountains. An attempt to forcibly return him to Kugelheim a few years back had ended disastrously, a more recent attempt just to contact him only slightly less so. He'd come back to town on his own once, for Arty's and Layla's wedding, with "friends" -- friends who sparked a near-riot after the newlyweds were safely out of town. Those people were xenophobic, violent, and powerfully magical. There was really only one possible answer, and Layla gave it.
"Hell, no, Mom." Layla got a look of horror on her face. "What if he showed up?"

Further exposure to the Malletarians, it is safe to say, does not improve Ozzie's/Ohmad's outlook on life, nor anyone else's outlook on Ozzie/Ohmad.

He first shows up in person under his later, churchly[sic] name, as the Malletarians are preparing to make a human sacrifice out of the unfortunate Liz Arganial who has somehow appeared in their midst. (Ohmad thinks that's a fine idea and regrets only that he'll be on guard duty and unable to watch.) A party of PC adventurers, centered around Jamie Porter, picks this time to show up and make a mess of proceedings in their usual way. It's too late to save poor Liz, who is sacrificed messily offscreen, but the adventurers do wreak vengeance on the Malletarians, many of whom are incinerated in a not-entirely-natural eruption of the volcano known as the "Dwarven Forge". Ohmad is among those who meet their ends in this manner, singularly appropriately given what they'd been doing only minutes earlier. By this time, Arty's funeral has come and gone, Layla is well on the road to recovery, and Ohmad is definitely not missed. All in all, a cautionary tale of sorts.

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