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A minor sect of the Veracian Church as presented in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, it doesn't exist in the canonical Poe-verse.

What we know about the Calfornicans comes largely from the thread complex centered on the town of Getsemiel, on the west coast of Veracia, which is the headquarters (and only semi-major population of worshipers) of the Calfornican Church. Player character Sister Rose, who had a ... painful experience down the coast from Getsemiel that is important to her backstory, has explained that the denomination came into being as a result of a peculiarity of local geography that made it hard for priests and nuns to tap into Luminosita's power for spellcasting in rituals, healing, etc. As a result, when the area was settled, the local clergy turned to what might be delicately termed "entheogens" of a biological(!) nature to "enhance" the worship experience. This was received quite well, to put it mildly, by the local populace, with the result that "entheogen"-laced brownies are part of that experience; services are both particularly mellow and well received by the townsfolk; and a fair fraction of the church people spend a non-trivial part of their time, well, high. (And naked: hot springs at the temple site make for great bathing pools, and swimwear is very, very optional.) Despite this laid-back, even sybaritic approach to worship, according to Rose, most of the doctrines of the Calfornican Church are closer to main-stream Orthodoxy than is the case for most of the minor denominations of the Veracian Church of Luminosita.

The high priest of the Calfornicans is a charismatic figure known as Father Arnold, whom adventurers Rose, Argus, Lillith, etc., encounter when they come to town. At that time he's stark naked, but no less charismatic (or, perhaps surprisingly, spiritual) for it, and he helps make the visitors comfortable with the pools and their amenities, although most refrain from indulging in the loaded brownies. One difference between the Calfornians and the Orthodox Church is that, while they don't exactly countenance marriage among their clergy (contrast Rose's Reformed denomination), they're characteristically relaxed about letting those clergy enjoy the pleasures of the flesh in relationships that are marriage-like in all but name. Arnold sets the pace on this, as he's been in a long-term relationship with nun Sister Nymphaea ("Nimmie"). Unfortunately, this ends tragically while the party is in town, owing to aerial attack by an unidentified but obviously malevolent airship.

Any resemblance between the Calfornicans and their high priest on the one hand, and a real-world place on a west coast and its former Governator on the other, is coincidental. Maybe.

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