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In the world of Errant Road, a region in Veracia. Needless to say, no such region is known to exist in the Poe-verse.

According to various arcane and classified documents, Centoriel used to be one of the larger towns in Veracia. However, some time around the time of the Mage/Priest Wars, a Very Bad Thing happened there. Details are murky, but whatever it was, it led to the eventual abandonment of the town, which now lies in ruins, while bad things continue to happen underground.

The surviving ruins (plus the bad stuff underground) are in the semi-wilderness region generally south of Saus, on the way to Lorenzel. A map that one or another of the Errant Road characters got hold of has the ominous notation "TRAVEL IN THIS AREA NOT RECOMMENDED WITHOUT GUIDES," with no explanation of exactly why -- maybe the subterranean nastiness, maybe bad people in the area, hard to tell. Of course, this hasn't kept the intrepid adventurers of Errant Road from wandering around there.

Player characters Argus Cleiviein (and Harker), Sasha Mitchel and Lillith all meet at Centoriel, along with major NPCs (and eventually "adopted" PCs) Brother Miguel and Sister Rose, as they (most of them, anyway) search for the fugitive Father Egbert, in one of Errant Road's primary story lines. As they approach, they see an absolutely gynormous golem emerge from underground and go wandering off to the west. Inexplicably, this doesn't deter them -- they're either very dedicated or not very bright, or both -- so they continue on to the ruins, where they have a nearly fatal encounter with another golem-like creation taking the form of a huge mechanical spider. Even though they succeed in destroying this war engine, you'd think that this would finally get the point across that these ruins aren't a good place to be, but no -- they're either incredibly dedicated or incredibly dumb, apparently. More encounters follow, with some traps apparently set by the heretical Malletarian faction that do in some other NPCs involved in the search for Egbert. The merry crew finally deduces that this isn't a good place to hang out, and decamps. And there, for the moment, the matter rests.

The ever-helpful User:Viking-Sensei points out that the notion of a town being abandoned because of bad stuff raging underground has a real-world analog. There are no indications of golems or Malletarians at the Pennsylvania version, however.

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