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Chippy is one of the hardest actors in the Errant Road free-form, on-line role-playing game to characterize. Is he a character? A familiar? A wandering monster? Just what is he? Actually, he's a magically enhanced, talking chipmunk, created by the warped minds of Saiko Mesuinu and her underlings for use at the Mountain of Madness amusement park, and later "adopted" by PC Grope, for whom he serves as what amounts to a familiar. (The notion of a troll having a familiar is ... unique ... but it basically works.)

His concept and backstory appear here. Basically, he's one of a large number of enhanced animals originally created for various security duties at the park, in his case, keeping an inconspicuous eye on what's going on there and in the immediate environs. Chippy, like many of the augmented chipmunks, decided that he'd have more of a future taking his enhancements into a more "natural" environment, and was hanging out in the woods until he encountered Grope, freshly landed in Farrel as he searches for a new mate. Although he's free-lancing now for the most part, he's hard-wired to continue to do the security thing, a fact that's important when he and Grope discover renegade Gewehr bad guys Clem and friends preparing to attack a stage -- just the kind of thing the Mesuinus want to discourage.

Chippy accompanies Grope on all sorts of merry adventures in the mountains near Volkanenborg, but parts company with him as Grope approaches a troll settlement in the Mountains of Madness (range, not park). They part on perfectly agreeable terms, but Chippy is quite understandably dubious about accompanying his big buddy into an area where the denizens are more likely to eat him than make pleasant conversation with him. He was last seen with a newly grown pair of wings, courtesy of another Mesuinu perversion of nature, and flying back to his original haunts to pick up chicks.

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