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Cithule is a character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, played by Templar771 . Like all Errant Road player characters, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. His basic concept can be found in this thread on the Forum.



Name: Cithule

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Occupation: Soldier of Fortune/Half-Mage

Equipment: Pistol, wristknife. Familiar named Felix

Appearance: 6'5, lean quite muscular, medium length blond hair with blue grey eyes. He wears a white hooded robe with gray trousers and top with brown leather boots.



The son of only god knows who he was, dumped somewhere within Tsuiraku and had to scrape living. His upbringing was brutal and being labeled an errant (despite no signs of any affliction) he grew up learning how to fight and win. There was this patronizing poor scholar crap at the Sashi Mu Academy and with him having a high magic capability he was good for publicity and he might even benefit from the teaching so he stayed there for a while. Whilst there he developed a love for history and in particular ancient artifacts(stealing and selling the flashy ones and keeping the useful ones for himself). He was expelled when he tried using mental spell on his teacher and went back onto the streets. The only things he had left were: his familiar Felix, several texts and a piece of broken dwarven weaponry. He has subsequently been searching for dwarven schematics to help him in repairing it. Of course, as he lacks any funds, he has had to acquire the various documents he needs via more shady means. This now means that he is wanted in most major cities and the Gewehr has been given a contract for his head. As a result of his new found infamy he is looking for someone who can help him. He has a good knowledge of offensive spells and several healing ones (there's no point in fighting without being able to fix the mess you made).



Known Connections

Felix: Familiar of Cithule. Small grey wolf with white feathered wings.

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