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A player character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, portrayed by Drusia (who also plays an elf also named Drusia, who just happens to be Desiree's mother -- all sorts of tangles here). Tangles notwithstanding, presumably she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Her basic concept appears in this entry in the "Character Workshop" thread, from which the following (down to but not including the footnote) is taken, with minor modifications:


Name: Desirée

Origin: Snamish

Race: Half-Elven

Gender: Female

Age: 35 (so appearing to be about in her early 20s)


Family: Desirée is the daughter of the elf Peregin Drusia and a Veracian soldier (human) that Drusia had a fling with some years back.(*) She has three living half-siblings, as well as assorted cousins about Snamish.

Vocation: Desirée is a half-elven priestess of Anilis. This would be odd anywhere but Snamish, where (thanks to Drusia) the elven gods are the main religion for the half-elves. She is very dedicated to her faith, which (due to Drusia's interpretations) is a religion reminiscent of the worship of Aphrodite and Isis, heavily focused on sexuality and fertility. Desirée has not yet chosen to have children (she, like most residents of Snamish, is well versed in the contraception spell), but assumes that someday she will. She is adept at priestly magic (defense and healing) and her connection with the sensual divine causes her to be rather adept at seduction/mind-control magic, although she uses this only rarely. She has never killed, and if pressed into a combat situation is more likely to run and hide than fight. Or, more likely, use her powers to distract the enemy and then run.

Appearance: Desirée is an attractive half-elf with long blonde hair. Her particular hair color is a combination of her father's reddish-blond hair mixed with her mother's platinum blond, producing a deep golden hue. Her eyes are blue, and she is about 5' 7" tall, short for a half-elf (as her mother is short for an elf). Desirée is slimmer than her mother (who filled out some during childbirth). She generally wears light-weight vestments of Anilis, dark crimson in color. When not in church attire, Desirée prefers light-weight dresses. She does not have any sort of combat equipment.

(*) Note that this bit of family info gets overtaken by events as the game proceeds, when Drusia-the-ranger confides that Desiree's father was not "a Veracian soldier," but rather, Arman Duravsky, a clan chieftain and general big shot in Goriel in the Northern Confederacy. It's fair to say that this revelation becomes a significant plot point in the game.


As one of the long-running PCs, Desiree has interacted with a large variety of player characters and NPCs. She has been a lover of PCs Eli Haverum and Therese, the former relationship having gone sour owing to the weird magical things that happened to Eli, the latter still going strong at present. She also took an NPC lover in Goriel, the Getera Anfisa, but that relationship also ended. Her pre-game backstory also includes a romantic relationship with Kenny Lucas, the now-deceased husband of important PC Sister Rose, that Kenny broke off so that he and Rose could marry. Not surprisingly, this causes certain -- strains in the interactions between Desiree and Rose, particularly at first, when Desiree blames Rose not only for "stealing" her lover, but also for his death -- awkward since Desiree's mother asked Rose to help keep Desiree safe during her first foray into the world beyond Snamish. Events at Frobish Bay clarify the events surrounding Kenny's death, at least, and the relationship between the two women improves.

Desiree also has interacted extensively with Argus (basically likes and respects), Lillith (a complex relationship; they have much in common, i.e., half-elf ancestry, very non-Veracian religious practices that make them uncomfortable traveling in Veracia, but clash sometimes because of those religious practices), Maduin (basically likes once she gets used to Maduin's sexual orientation and resulting disinterest in her wiles), Tamina (finds entertaining, but hard to keep up with), and so on. Between long stature in the game, and a personality that is, well, well suited to interactions, she has interacted with just about every character that has been active in the later two thirds of Errant Road.

This said, don't make the mistake of believing that Desiree has taken comfortably to this adventuring life. She hasn't, and frequently laments that she's in over her head and scared of what's happening around her. Given the weirdness that Rose, Argus, Lillith, Eli, Therese, etc., seem to attract, this is an entirely reasonable position for a priestess from a small, carefully hidden town in the boonies of Veracia. However, she seems fated to keep having these adventures.

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