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Drusia Valis (or, in elven territory/contexts, simply Drusia) is a player character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Her basic concept can be found here. (Note some follow-up material a few entries later, to clarify some questions that arose with the concept.)


Name: Drusia Valis
Age: 2241
Race: Elf (Rinkai Erufu)
Gender: Female
Job: Ranger / Peregin

Description: Drusia has long hair which is a light bluish green color (sort of a pale aqua). She also has green eyes. She is 6'2", so a little short for an elf (shorter than Misa, but taller than Sarine). Being a Rinkai, Drusia is very beautiful, even for an elf. And she knows it. She likes to play that up, charming her way past difficult situations with a smile and some flirting. When she's working, Drusia wears human-made padded leather as armour (with a couple of minor modifications to make it more "attractive") beneath her elven Ranger cloak.


About 300 years ago, there was a brief period of time when all of Drusia's reports came from the same general area, as though she wasn't traveling around much. Fortunately, none of her superiors seemed to notice. The break in her usual pattern was caused by Drusia becoming pregnant and having a half-elven child, a fact that she has kept a close secret. While her child (and the father) have long since died of old age, Drusia keeps a protective eye on her descendants, particularly to make sure no other rangers find them. Also, with the rediscovery of Tsuiraku, Drusia has put some effort into learning the contraception spell to prevent future "accidents" from occurring.


Drusia, like many of the rangers, was on the wrong side of the Errant War. Although too young to fight until the very end of it, she remembers it clearly enough to be disgusted with her own people and prefer the company of others. As a Rinkai, what she does with other races tends towards things that other elves would likely disapprove of. She is also rather lacking in confidence about her combat abilities, and far prefers stealth to direct confrontations. Against a powerful, pissed off, magically inclined foe, Drusia is more likely to sneak off and hide than attempt a kill (better to come back when he/she/it is asleep). Aside from that, Drusia generally treats her duties as a Ranger as an extended vacation. She kills enough Errants to keep in good with her superiors, but just barely. Like Sarine, she tends to ignore half-elves who don't fit her definition of Errants, and (in a particularly magicaly-disinclined area) might even disguise herself as a half-elf or human.

Abilities: Drusia has never been good at combat magic. Or sword fighting, for that matter. Where she excels is stealth; invisibility, sound dampening, a little time magic to allow her to seemingly "vanish" and reappear nearby, and some illusions to disguise herself with. She's also a competent knife fighter, although she'd rather stab someone in the back than try to fight them head on. Of course, she has all standard ranger equipment, and is known for calling in backup more often than other rangers.

Note that Drusia is also the mother of player character Desiree, among others.

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