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The Ensigerum exists in the world of Errant Road, just as it does in the Poe-verse. However, with two or three small exceptions, two of them as part of backstory rather than actual in-game activities, it hasn't had much to do with events in Errant Road -- yet.

The one actual encounter (maybe) to date occurs when the "adventure travel" party led by Lucas first arrives in Port Lorrel and goes for dinner at Geno's, a sort-of-OK restaurant. A shadowy figure keeps the group under surveillance (noting with amusement that Jamie, at that time disguised as a young girl, has been served a spiked drink, an oddity that turns out to be significant later), and reports his observations to someone offstage. He vanishes following this encounter and has not been seen again. According to someone reporting to Eisenfaust big shot Elke, the watcher was connected with the Ensigerum, but this may or may not have been correct.

The Ensigerum definitely does show up in connection with Jamie as a bit of backstory. Some time in the past, Jamie was paid to do a "job" involving someone who'd been skimming off profits from a mine near the town of Beaverloo, the exact location of which (even extending to what country it's in) is not clear. The Ensigerum also had a business interest in seeing the shady operator removed from the scene, and a small problem with mistaken identity set Jamie and the Ensigerum at odds until both parties figured out what was going on. Apparently Jamie has had other "issues" with the Ensigerum, but they haven't been described in detail.

In a totally unrelated(?) bit of backstory, Father Egbert, big shot at the Veracian mission in Kiyoka (and significant MacGuffin in the Errant Road story line), mentions to Argus the curious past that led identical twins Sister Eva and Sister Marilyn to the mission. They were apparently raised in some commune in Veracia that the Ensigerum found objectionable, for reasons not yet disclosed, and wiped out to the last man/woman/child, fortunately after the twins had moved away. This may or may not be connected to the similar event in the Poe-verse involving Correl and his band of followers, but in general, nothing in Errant Road should be considered too closely linked to canon.

The Ensigerum's existence is known to other participants in Errant Road, e.g. as revealed by Brother Miguel, but most of the details remain murky. Several Ensigerum NPCs appear in various encounters in southern Veracia, some of them mysteriously and messily killed by forces not yet revealed.

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