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An NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the canonical Poe-verse.

Arnold is the senior priest of the Calfornican temple in the coastal town of Getsemiel, visited by PCs Sister Rose, Desiree, Lillith, etc., as they search for the renegade Father Blaise, who was reportedly seen there. He welcomes the band of adventurers to town while stark naked and dripping wet. This may seem rather un-priestly, but in fact, it's completely consistent with the practices of the Calfornican sect of the Veracian Church, and is taken in the normal and sincere spirit in which it's given. He extends the aid of the temple in looking for Blaise, but all in vain, as the corrupted priest somehow makes his escape from Frobish Bay.

One of the quirks of the Calfornican sect is that while it denies marriage to its priests and nuns, it permits them to have ... relationships. Arnold is no exception; when introduced, he is in a relationship with Sister Nymphaea (aka "Nimmie"), a senior nun at the temple. This takes a tragic turn when the town is inexplicably bombed by an airship, for reasons never made completely clear. Nimmie is killed in the attack, and while Arnold puts up a brave front, he is quite clearly devastated by the death of his paramour. Spare him a warm, consoling thought as you read (or write) Errant Road, still active lo these many years after Arnold made his appearance.

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