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Faye Sorensen is an important non-player character in the Errant Road free-form role-playing game. As far as is known, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. Her basic concept can be found here.

Faye is a moderately big shot in the Gewehr and lives in the Gewehr's home town of Kugelheim, where her cover is as a receptionist in a shipping company. She is significant as the single mother of player character Layla, who now lives with her (and Layla's infant son Zachary) following the death of Layla's husband Arty Samuels at the hands of a bunch of player characters. This, it is fair to say, produces a little dramatic tension when Layla and Faye interact with other characters in the story/game.

Faye's own capabilities haven't been completely explored yet. Her house is full of firearms and poisonous plants, although she realizes that something will have to be done about the latter as soon as Zachary starts crawling and walking, which won't be long now. She has both the strength of character and the position to stand up to Gewehr bigger-shot Peter when something comes up that threatens her daughter. Her own role, that of administering Gewehr operations in Kiyoka and the rest of Tsuiraku, is currently in abeyance, because there aren't any continuing operations in Kiyoka, let alone elsewhere in Tsuiraku, courtesy of the ... incident ... in which Arty was rubbed out. However, she's highly capable, and the Gewehr will doubtless find something useful to do with her sooner or later.

Faye has never been married. Layla resulted from a fling that she had over 25 years ago with "Mr. Gabriel," the game's equivalent of Poe-verse Gewehr biggie Gabriel.

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