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A character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, not yet seen (apart from a letter that she wrote and some flashbacks) but very important to the action. She doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Fayna is the daughter of PC Argus Cleiviein -- well, a daughter, since Argus eventually proves to have one more daughter than he'd always believed himself to have, but that's another matter. Unlike her unfortunate mother Cirella and brother Addan, she survived the mysterious incident that caused Argus to be exiled from Tsuirakushiti, and continues to live there herself. The unpleasantness surrounding Argus' exile extended to her; she hasn't seen him since he was sent off the sky island, and he long considered her terminally estranged from him, to his everlasting sorrow.

All of that changed, however, when PC Maduin showed up in Lorenzel to become Argus' minder (sent in this role by the shadowy Captain Kitaura), bearing a letter from Fayna to Argus. This caused a complete change in the dynamic, as in the letter, Fayna reveals that she still loves her father and is deeply sorry about all the things that happened to drive a wedge between them. To say that this affected her father profoundly would be a truly extraordinary understatement. It also left Argus considerably more warmly disposed toward Maduin than might have been the case otherwise, and they've gone on to have assorted adventures together.

Currently involved with a battlemage named Jerecht, and talking about getting married; they're going to try to find some way of doing the wedding so that Argus can be there, one of the things in the famous letter that reduces him to mush.

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