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A formerly minor NPC in the Errant Road on-line, free-form role-playing game, now getting promoted to almost-PC status. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Galina works for the Mountain of Madness amusement park and is on duty when Layla and family come calling to check out security arrangements there, in anticipation of a somewhat strange conference called by batty but powerful Saiko Mesuinu. Galina and Layla rapidly discover that they like each other a great deal, having in common that they're young mothers as well as "protection" oriented. Galina's never-seen husband Kensuke Goto is getting a wine business going in Volkanenborg, producing a professional opportunity that Layla considers taking, before various weird events send her off toward Rinkaiel.

Galina disappears from the scene for a while after that, only to re-emerge, and re-connect with Layla, at a teaching laboratory in the Tsuiraku-town district of Rinkaiel. Layla's primary reason for being in Rinkaiel is to study some magic at this place, and when her original sifu, Dasuke Kinabalu, meets an inexplicably violent end, the Tsuirakuan Powers That Be turn to Galina to become magic instructor pro tempore there. This delights both women, but it also leads to Galina getting enmeshed in some of the conflicts that seem to follow Layla around like a puppy dog.

Her daughter's name is Oxana, a perfectly ordinary 7-month-old who strikes up a friendship (to the extent that a 7-month-old can strike up a friendship) with Layla's son Zachary paralleling the one their mothers have.

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