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A sentient race in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. As far as is known, they don't exist in the Poe-verse.

The basic concept for the ghob (both singular and plural) is here. They have much in common with the goblins of various other role-playing games, including small stature, underground dwelling places, non-magical nature, social structure that is centralized almost to the point of being hive-mind-like, and so on. They don't interact much with other races, which is probably just as well, since at least the elves would hunt them down as more troll-like "mistakes" made by the gods before they got it right[sic] with the elves.

Player character Ghaz, seen briefly during the Rinkaiel threads, is a ghob far from home and tribe, in human space. His full given name is "Ghaz, Best At Making Love," which illustrates one point about ghob culture: calling someone "Best At..." is an honorific that promotes the holder of the title in the eyes of ghob society, to the point that a ghob will go out of his or her way to call himself/herself "Best At..." something-or-other when being introduced. Even if it's only "best at washing dishes," that's something, at least to a ghob.

Two ghob cities have been encountered during the wanderings of various player characters. First, Sister Rose, Argus, Tamina, etc., have a brief ghob encounter on the way south from their extended adventures in Goriel. Argus' NPC friend, trader Dess Marson, is giving the merry crew a ride south, and has arranged to do some business with the ghob on the way. This starts to go badly when Tamina's -- uninhibited nature sits badly with a ghob sentry, but all ends well when Harker does his inimitable thing in the city, gaining the honorific "Harker, Best At Porn" (and a bunch of silvers) for his trouble. Much later in real time, although only a few months later in game time, Tamina, fellow PC Rip, and several human and kobold NPCs have another ghob encounter on the Southern Continent as they try to complete a disagreeable quest laid on them by a powerful and equally disagreeable kobold chieftain. Much as in the first encounter, this looks at first as though it may go badly because of the ghob's xenophobia, but it turns out that the monsters that the adventurers have been sent to dispatch, the giant insect-like "Chittorick," aren't any more popular with the ghob than they are with kobolds, so a common ground is found.

We may be seeing more of the ghob as the ghame continues, so watch this space.

Named Ghob

  • PC: Ghaz, Best At Making Love

others to follow.

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