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A little-seen but very important NPC in the Errant Road on-line, free-form role-playing game. Alas, Mr. Grumiel is no longer among the living, but his story, and his significance, lives on.

This poor fellow was an apparently legitimate businessman from Farrel (to the extent that any Farrelite businessman is truly "legitimate") who passed through Kiyoka on business just about at the time the story was getting going. None of the early blood and gore involved him, remarkably enough, and he would have departed uneventfully from town via warp gate, were it not for the happenstance that when he was gating out, the enigmatic Father Egbert happened to be standing right next to him. This made him the last person known to have seen Egbert before his mysterious disappearance, an event from which a great deal of Errant Road play has flowed.

As a result of this chance encounter, Mr. Grumiel was sought out by Argus and Brother Miguel, who were tasked by the Veracian mission in Kiyoka to find their missing assistant abbot, Egbert. He was entirely approachable and cooperative in this task, making contact with the investigators via crystal ball mediated by one Portalmage Haziri, big enchilada at the gate in Kiyoka. Unfortunately, this apparently called him to the attention of the Bad Guys, whoever they are, with the result that his lifeless body was found in the ruins of the Millenarian mission in Saus after it was seriously damaged by fire. The perpetrators of this outrage haven't been identified with certainty, but it has been noted that an impostor, one Arcangelo Arganial (himself recently and messily deceased), tried to pass himself off as Gordon Grumiel for a time as Argus' and Miguel's investigation proceeded.

The reason for Mr. Grumiel's passing remains to be seen, as he had no identified enemies and generally seemed like an OK guy. Of course, being an OK guy when one is an NPC seems simply an invitation to meet an unfortunate end in the service of advancing the plot. The role may not be quite as ill-fated as that of NPC Guard, but when it comes to being a bad insurance risk, it's right up there.

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