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An important non-player character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. She's introduced, at least by reputation, here.

Ms. Goto -- "Captain" Goto, to give her her official title -- is a fairly high mucky-muck in the Tsuirakuan Department of Homeland Security, and enters the game when she succeeds similarly high-muckity-mucky NPC Captain Kitaura as head of the Homeland Security forces in Kiyoka, where the Errant Road adventures all started. PC Argus Cleiviein knows her from their days interacting in Tsuirakushiti before Argus got exiled from the sky city, before the game started. His memories of the woman, to put it mildly, are not warm. Let Argus tell it himself:

"@$%!$!!!" Argus' sudden roar of profanity was enough that it had apparently shocked the woods themselves into silence. Everyone stared at him in disbelief and confusion, aside from Harker, who had known enough to hide from the proverbial storm.
"That #%@&*)#@ piece of $%@^#&!!!" Argus screeched. He had bolted to his feet at the very sound of the name. His eyes blazed with hate. His entire body quivered with barely suppressed rage. It seemed that a chill wind had kicked up from somewhere and was focusing around Argus. If one looked closely, it almost appeared that pulses of electricity were crackling along his skin, and making his hair stand on end. And... was the cart itself bending?!
"@^&%#&^!! That #%$#! if I ever set my ^$#& eyes on that %$&$ ^&%*%^, so help me all-^%^&%8 weave, I will ^*%*^())&*(* to her!!!" The sum total effect was to make the previously placid professor into what appeared to be a psychotic, rampaging, magical lunatic. Argus' head snapped around quickly enough to make everyone jump. "Did you just say Haniko Goto?!?!"

Fellow PC Maduin also has his opinions about this person:

"Haniko Goto," he began "is something of a sore subject to the good Dr. Cleiviein. I've no personal experience with her, but from what I understand, she was a very close acquaintance of Dr. Cleiviein's wife before her passing. The resulting antipathy between them . . ." He gestured to the burning, exploding forest. "Well, you can see it for yourself. I've never actually met her in person, but from what I understand, she's something of a climber - very ambitious and not always . . . overly concerned about the human dimension of some of her command decisions. She is respected, but I would venture to say she is not popular."

It soon develops that Argus' reaction to hearing this name was pretty well founded: although she had been a friend of his and a very close friend of Argus' late wife Cirella, after the magical accident that claimed Cirella's life, Ms. Goto had betrayed him during the ensuing investigation that had led to his exile from Tsuirakushiti and estrangement from his surviving daughter Fayna. He's never forgiven her for that, understandably enough. Even though the hatred appears one-sided at first, she obviously has her own reasons for wishing the worst for Argus, and a magical attempt to capture him leads to weird happenings in the skies above and beyond Getsemiel, one of the game's main venues. These almost prove fatal for Argus, but he's saved by the ministrations of Sister Rose, Desiree, Maduin, and others.

Oddly enough, she's never seen in the regular, continuing set of threads that constitute the main body of Errant Road. However, as part of the "background noise" of the game, she links up with the similarly menacing Arsoro Kurou and the nasty elven ranger Bauti, who have their own reasons for wishing the party of adventurers no good. Courtesy of a very mistaken bit of analysis on Bauti's part, they go hieing off to parts unknown for a while, and while they're offstage, something happens that leave Kurou and Bauti cowed by Ms. Goto, who's showing signs of madness from the whole thing. The three co-conspirators were last seen somewhere near the Northern Confederacy city-state of Goriel, starting to plot their next moves, which undoubtedly will be just as malignant as all the others have.

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