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A rather unusual character in the Errant Road on-line role-playing game, and "unusual" by game standards is very unusual indeed. Unusual or not, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse, as far as we know.

Harzh'biah, as one might guess from her name, is not a human, but rather, a troll, the niece of player character Grope. She enters the game during a skirmish in the Waldhaxen Channel, the possibly-unnatural water course that bisects the continent of Veracia. To their mystification, Grope and his nephew (and Harzh'biah's sister) Scrobian have temporarily joined up with a band of humans that includes PCs Lucas, Marcus and Jamie, and Jamie's incorrigible mother Jasmine, as they try to cross the channel.

Harzh'biah, however, isn't trying to cross the channel; she's trying to escape from it. She has been taken captive by a weird band of pirates, apparently human, that have "crew" of sorts in the form of pinguimhos, large and very strong penguin-like birds that are almost as tough as trolls. "Almost" isn't good enough to fend off this doughty crew, though, and the adventurers and trolls eventually prevail, leading to a family reunion of sorts. Harzh'biah is startled to find Grope and Scrobian not merely hanging around with "Small Ones," as the trolls call humans, but in Grope's case, administering magical Healing to fix her badly broken arm. This is jarring because male trolls just don't do magic.

Harzh'biah eventually gets over her injuries and her skittishness around Small Ones and joins her brother and uncle for more adventures, including returning the favor for Jamie and colleagues (now including Gewehr big shot Faye as they have a rumble in the jungle in northern Farrel. After this, she heads off into what passes among trolls for a happy ending.

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