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An important locale in the world of Errant Road, the on-line, free-form role-playing game. Indeed, this is the place where the whole thing got started.

"Heer Thar Be Draagons," or HTBD for short, is a travel agency in Kiyoka run by player character Lucas Ravanel. It specializes in what we in the real world might term "adventure travel," outings to strange and exotic places off the beaten path. (What's on the beaten path in Errant Road? Hard to say.)

At the very outset of the game, a whole pile of player characters converge on HTBD, some (e.g. Jonathan) with the goal of going on trips for business or related purposes, others (notably Jamie and Roger) with the simple goal of getting away from Kiyoka and the vengeful Gewehr presence in town, in such a way as to cover their tracks. The fortunes of the would-be travelers get mixed up with those of the operation across the alley from HTBD, the Veracian mission that also plays an important role in getting things going. The mission and the travel agency are connected by an underground secret passageway that Lucas uses for storing his considerable collection of golems.

While Lucas is away, the shop is minded by a small child, Willy Sucriel, who does it as a favor to his "Uncle Lukey."

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