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A player character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, portrayed by Jack Rothwell, who supplies the following information:

Name: Jade Ermingard

Age: 27

Gender: female

Occupation: Blacksmith/ Gunsmith/ Mercenary

Appearance: 5”8, dark red hair, green eyes, angular face, has a thin scar which runs down from her right eye. Wiry build which comes from the muscles she's built up during her career and a recent lack of eating.

Typical Equipment A customised scimitar with a long thin, slightly curved blade Half a dozen throwing knives Revolver with two dozen bullets Basic Blacksmith/Gunsmith tools (prongs, hammers, cleaning oils, tongs, etc) Hunting knife Warpaint + other travel equipment related to the circumstances

Attire Canvas type clothing Leather longcoat Leather sling for sword (hangs off her hip) Boots

History: An unremarkable upbringing by the standards of the downtrodden populace of Solshire (a small village a few days travel from Port Lorrel). Jade was a middle child in a household of two parents and three brothers which, of course, meant she spent a sizeable chunk of her free time being mercilessly picked on by her male siblings. After a testosterone dominated childhood it was little surprise when the young tomboy followed her father into his blacksmith trade and even less of a surprise when she exhibited a natural aptitude for the job. Under his tutelage her understanding of the craft grew and began to rival her fathers. The pair often worked side by side as suppliers for local military forces and did the occasional commission from Farrel's standing army (such as it is). Jade spent a fair amount of her free time training and providing support for Solshire’s privately owned and funded military (which was a twenty strong 'unit' that included her brothers and was led by a retired Farrel officer called Lato).

This relatively idyllic existence didn’t last. The rising taxes in the region had driven many of the populace to bankruptcy and unemployment, and as a result groups of bandits began to form in the surrounding countryside and launch raids on the increasingly terrified populace. Eventually those smaller bands unified under the banner of the strongest leader, a monster of a man named Theodore Reks, and made a concentrated push to strip the border towns of Port Lorrel dry. It was the summer of Jade’s 23rd year when the hundred strong mob arrived in Solshire with swords, guns and burning torches. The fighting was short, one sided and brutal. The town militia was butchered, the store houses were looted and the residences burned to the ground. Jade was one of the few survivors, left wounded and weeping with only the corpses of her family for company.

With no home to go to and no family left Jade took to wandering. She crossed the country searching for the chance to change her circumstances, taking odd jobs and putting the skills she’d learnt to use whenever she could. With a need for revenge burning in her heart she eventually fell into bad company, lawless mercenaries who were all too happy to take a lost and pretty girl under their wing. Jade continued her education, learning the dirtiest ways of fighting and the quickest ways of turning a profit in a corrupted society. It was only years later when she found herself holding up an old man at gunpoint that Jade realised she’d become no different from the people who’d taken her old life away from her. Shamed, she finally found the strength to leave her immoral employer and strike out on a new journey. This time seeking repentance.


Jade's traumatic past has left her with a slightly stony demeanor. She is prone to bouts of silence or replying with gestures more than words. Her criminal roots have left her with a vicious streak that runs deep, particularly in any situation that calls for violence. Not one to put with unnecessary bullshit and somewhat of a heavy drinker. Despite all this nowadays she forces herself to pursue honorable courses of action. Sometimes she shows a flash of the more playful, optimistic person she used to be but for the most part she maintains a pretty chilly, although generally polite, front. As a side-note, Jade is also fond of putting streaks of black warpaint across her face prior to getting into a battle (if she has the time that is); an old trick she kept from her bandit days to put fear into her opponents.

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