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A small but significant NPC in the Errant Road on-line, free-form role-playing game.

At game time, Jason is a small child, the son of Wilbur and Mildred Hamael. He lives with his parents, and an infant sibling whose name has not been given, in the town of Heamish, in the boonies of Veracia between Saus and Emerylon. Adventurers Argus and Brother Miguel visit the Hamael home in the hopes that Mrs. Hamael, who's the sister of notable fugitive Father Egbert, might be able to shed light on where her brother has gone.

Jason would pass practically unnoticed during this visit, were it not for the fact that a giant Veracian swamp beaver also pays a visit at the same time, and behaves with considerably less decorum than the human visitors -- as in, it tries to knock the door town, presumably for the purpose of devouring those within. Jason stops this unwanted guest with a single-word instruction: "DIE." The beaver obliges, impressing everyone mightily. When Jason reveals that he learned this little trick from his old man, Argus and Miguel decide that (1) there's something pretty interesting about this family, but (2) they don't want to investigate them too closely lest they be given such a death-dealing command.

We don't see any more of Jason after the party leaves Heamish, but it's clear enough that a lad with this kind of talent will go far.

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