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An NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. He hasn't been seen yet in Errant Road, but at least he does exist there, which is an improvement (from his perspective) on the Poe-verse, where he doesn't exist at all.

Jerecht is a Tsuirakuan battlemage, the boyfriend of Fayna Cleiviein, daughter of long-standing PC Argus. Fayna has communicated to Argus her extremely meticulous plans to marry the guy and start having babies with him, no doubt to further her own plans for world domination (Fayna is the kind who meticulously plans everything, and world domination would be entirely consistent with that). This news, it is fair to say, has made something of an impression on Argus, particularly the part of it where the happy couple (or at least Fayna) made it clear that his presence at the wedding is compulsory despite the fact that he's in exile from Tsuirakushiti.

Otherwise, we don't know much about him, although Captain Kitaura has indicated that he thinks the guy must not be very sharp, what with taking up with the daughter of an exile and all. He eventually shows up with his fiancee aboard her very own airship, outside Getsemiel, and gets introduced to his prospective father-in-law, who approves; Kitaura's view of the man is a bit too cynical. Probably.

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