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A player character portrayed by Porcelain Fish, briefly but eventfully. His basic concept appears here.

He's a Tsuirakuan with an extensive and unusual backstory; read the forum entry. Briefly, he's a half-elven son of a Tsuirakuan single mother (he has never met his elven father) who is in Rinkaiel at game time, doing it is not exactly clear what. Whatever it is, an advertisement for Rinkaielites to learn magic, anticipating the opening of a warp gate there, brings him into contact with semi-PC Galina, and then with full PC Layla, who's also studying magic with Galina. It turns out that he and his gadgets -- see next paragraph -- are useful in Layla's continuing feud with the Oshima gang, first in some goings-on at Bad Ass Wines, Layla's "cover" business, and then in the search for Layla's mother after she is kidnapped by the Oshimas. He helps Layla find her mom, at the museum at the Rinkaiel College of Shipbuilding and Maritime Science, but the magic restraining her there is too dangerous for the adventurers to overcome on site. The rescue eventually unfolds successfully, but Jin-Liu has "wandered off" somewhere, as they say, by then.

He travels with two very peculiar pieces of hardware: a golem named Saiho, and a talking staff named "Pai-Pal" somewhat reminiscent of the earlier sort-of-familiar Boris, although their players are entirely different. The golem turns out to be a highly proficient digger, which is a great aid to Layla, and Pai-Pal, well ... he/it is useful too, but the fun part is the concept. The trio first shows up here, meeting Galina in an exchange that pretty well sums up the way subsequent interactions will go, other than Saiho getting to do some actual digging, this being what he/it is for.

He was an interesting character during his brief encounter with the other PCs, and he's missed.

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