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A minor character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game -- minor in the sense of infrequent appearance (in fact, he's been named but never seen), but significant as the husband of PC Sister Rose. Alas, he's no longer with us, as the bereaved Rose can't forget.

The late Mr. Lucas met Rose while both were serving in the Veracian military, some years before game time. One thing rapidly led to another, and soon the two were wed. However, they hadn't been married for many years -- not enough to have had a family, at least, a fact that Rose laments to this day -- before Kenny was killed in the line of duty, apparently as a result of casting a detection spell that backfired. (This causes Rose to freak out badly in the game when her colleague and friend Brother Miguel casts the same spell, although he does it without incident.) Rose has been mourning him ever since.

An important point is that this fellow was a half elf. His origins are not yet totally clear, but he came from a Veracian town called Snamish, not yet visited in the game. Snamish turns out to be something of a sanctuary for half elves, under the protection of PC Drusia Valis, an elven Peregin who fought on the "wrong" side in the Errant War and cultivates and protects Snamish as a result. Kenny was one of the many half elves of Snamish who, in fact, are descended from Drusia, making her Rose's many-times-great-grandmother-in-law as well as friend and fellow adventurer. What a small world!

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