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A non-player character in the Errant Road on-line, free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. His basic concept appears here. (Note that this is somewhat out of date; in more recent encounters with PCs, he's been more chatty than this description might imply.)

Keyes is one of the very few half elves to appear so far in Errant Road. We don't know anything about his origins or possible Errantcy, except that he has a pronounced (so to speak) speech impediment involving sibilants. Any other oddities suggesting that he might be an Errant are not yet obvious. As usual for half elves, he tries not to call attention to his ancestry, normally wearing long hair and a headband in such a way as to disguise his pointed ears.

Keyes works for the sinister Mr. Stagpoole as a deck hand and general second in command, at the "sport fishing" operation in Kiyoka. He frequently takes one of Mr. Stagpoole's boats out himself when a job comes up, leaving his boss back at the dock doing whatever he does. If Stagpoole goes along, Keyes leaves the skippering of the boat to him and serves as a deck hand, but he's more than competent to handle the boat himself if circumstances warrant.

He has interacted with most of the player characters at one time or another, having a particularly extensive history with Grope and Lucas. A bit of backstory has revealed that Lucas and Grope (and his late, lamented mate Zhbrigeeul) were aboard with Keyes and Stagpoole had a nasty dust-up with pirates somewhere in the ocean between Kiyoka and Farrel. The outcome of that affair was a bunch of dead pirates, under circumstances that have left Keyes and his boss eternally in Grope's debt. When Grope comes calling to try to arrange transportation to Farrel, Keyes is genuinely glad to see him. He's also familiar with, and liked by, Layla in her role as proprietress of Rising Moon Vineyards (not to mention Gewehr Wraith), but Layla still chooses not to use his services for her escape from Kiyoka after the messy death of her husband.

Keyes tends to pop up whenever someone needs aquatic transportation in the ocean between Kiyoka and Farrel. His latest caper involves escorting a ship bearing Jamie and Jasmine Porter, and "kobold" Tamina, to a port on the Southern Continent, for reasons yet to be discerned.

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