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In the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, Kiyoka is a significant venue for player-character activities. As in the Poe-verse, the Errant Road version of Kiyoka is a fairly large city on the coast of the main island of Tsuiraku. It functions as a seaport, with considerable commerce connecting it to ports in other countries -- not all of it entirely legal, of course. Much of the early action in Errant Road took place in Kiyoka's dock district, which can be reasonably described as "rough." It also is the site of a warp gate that has been important in the development of the Errant Road plot lines, and is served by airship as well.

Relatively little is known of Kiyoka in the Poe-verse, so that most of its characteristics in the world of Errant Road are embellishments that should not be considered "canon."

Important locales

Because much of the action in Errant Road has been in Kiyoka, a number of sites in the city have been developed in some detail. Among these are:

It's also known that there's a theater somewhere in town, since Brother Farley and his fiancee Kristi caught a performance of "An Elf Princess in Farrel" there. In general, Kiyoka should be assumed to have all the usual things that a decent-sized Tsuirakuan city has on offer, just one that's rather out in the boonies.

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