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A locale in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. As far as we know, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse, although there's an interesting allusion to somewhere similar.

Unlike most "locales" in the game, this one isn't a city, town or such; mainly, it's just a burnt-out spot along the road, with only the barest smattering of artifacts and ashes to show that there was once a village there. PCs Argus, Lillith, etc., visit this place on their journey through southern Veracia, after spending a reasonably comfortable night at an inn called the "Leonish Bed and Breakfast" that, however, appears only minimally connected to Leonish itself. Sister Rose discovers an abandoned Lancea when they come to the blasted area that's one of the few things implying the former presence of a village -- although the party soon acquires a fellow traveler, the time-magic-wielding waif "Kim," who seems to have some connections to it as well.

This isn't to say that either the characters, or the readers, don't know anything about Leonish, however. For one thing, the travelers have various encounters with passersby on the road south of Salticiel who allude to a place called Leonish that was torched by some group called the "Siggy-Rum." By now most of the characters have figured out that this must have been the Ensigerum, although they don't necessarily grasp the significance of that fact, despite some warnings by Drusia about what the ancient Ensigerum were. Furthermore, Brother Miguel, who's left the main party and popped the question to his girlfriend Sister Marilyn, has also helped the readers with some background, as the happy couple's wedding preparations have revealed that Marilyn's family lived in Leonish at one time, leaving just in time to avoid the slaughter there. Add to that the fact that the late Father Egbert once described Marilyn's past to Argus, in the process indicting the Ensigerum for wiping the place out, and we readers know most of the backstory ... sort of.

Note that Leonish parallels a site known from Errant Story itself, but never named there: the place founded by monk-wannabe Chris' late father Correl, a former member of the Ensigerum who was tracked down and executed by the same when they learned he'd split off from the main Ensigerum and tried to start a similar (read: rival) group of time-ninjas. Could this bunch have been from Leonish? Possibly, but the story never said exactly where they were from. In any event, Leonish as we know it is unique to the Errant Road-verse.

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