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A geographic feature in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. Unlike the huge majority of Errant-Road-related people, places and things, this one does exist in the Poe-verse; see the map of the world of Errant Story, in which it's the body of water running most of the way across Veracia just below the word "VERACIA" on the map. A slightly different view, on the Errant-Road-specific map of Veracia, gives the same general idea; the differences are a matter of artists' impressions. The important Errant Road venue of Nautkia is on its northern bank, and the major city of Lorenzel straddles it just about where the river becomes impossible to navigate in large ships. Presumably it rises somewhere in the as-yet uncharted hills and forests of southwestern Veracia.

While the Lorenzel River may exist in the Poe-verse, the things that happen along it in Errant Road ... don't. However, they're highly significant to the game. The small town of Nautkia, poised improbably atop a sea cliff rising above the river, is a smugglers' paradise, as PCs Argus, Sister Rose, Lillith, etc., discover when they visit it in pursuit of the mysteriously fugitive Father Egbert. All manner of intrigues follow as Argus is coerced into trying to sink a smuggler's ship plying the river (and skippered by Egbert's sister Lucy Kankaniel), while Lillith tries to use that selfsame ship to help a worried group of half elves escape from town before nasty ranger Bauti finds and slays them. Egbert himself eventually commits suicide by leaping from the cliff and splattering into the rocks below -- maybe. Fort Lorenzel itself becomes a venue for activity, as the party, shocked by Egbert's death and full of disturbing questions about what happened, passes through en route to seeking some answers in the tiny town of Ramanzel, where Egbert was born. Later, they return to Lorenzel with the Artifact of Absonial, an enigmatic object that Rose was ordered to retrieve from an archaeological site south of the river.

Many adventures are yet to be had on this waterway, which appears to be a significant route of maritime commerce in Veracia.

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