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A locale in the Errant Road on-line, free-form role-playing game -- maybe. Needless to say, as far as is known, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

According to Tsuipedia, the Lost Veracian Mine was a real site in Farrel, discovered by, surprise surprise, a Veracian prospector. Its exact location is unknown, but it was connected somehow to the Mountains of Madness in the interior of Farrel. The Veracian prospector brought out the usual mineral wealth, and also some dwarven artifacts, which are allegedly stored somewhere in Tsuirakushiti, after the Tsuirakuans tried and failed to make sense out of them. In the way of such things, the prospector eventually vanished without a trace, leaving the location of the mine a secret.

The Mountain of Madness amusement park includes a kids' ride called the Lost Veracian Mine that purports to be based on, but not actually at, the real thing. Jamie and Marcus head into this ride in search of Riches Untold, but are rousted out of it by the park's smelly security squad before they can accomplish much looting (or do much damage). At one point, a body is found (by Layla) in one of the ride's cars, prompting some investigations that haven't completely been resolved yet.

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