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A character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. She appears only briefly but is very important to the story line.

Lucy is the younger sister of important NPC Father Egbert. She runs one of the numerous smuggling operations based out of the south Veracian town of Nautkia, skippering a fast boat of unspecified design. Her "legitimate" commercial venture with this boat is based in the larger city of Lorenzel, and she uses it as cover for the more profitable things she moves clandestinely into and out of Nautkia.

She's important to the development of events in Errant Road for two possibly (but not necessarily) related reasons. First, player character Argus is coerced, apparently by one of the other smuggling outfits in Nautkia, into attempting to sink Ms. Kankaniel and her fast boat, for reasons never made clear. Second, when Egbert goes on the lam from the mission in Kiyoka, he makes it as far as Nautkia and then asks his sis to help smuggle him out of the country to parts unknown. Neither of these enterprises runs exactly true to form, however. Argus and his adventurer colleagues devise a ruse to make it look like the boat has been squashed under a rockfall that he unleashes, but the boat itself is unscathed. Less happily, Egbert decides, after being confronted by Sister Rose, to take a flying leap off a cliff rather than board his sister's boat. The reasons for this strangely suicidal decision aren't entirely clear (yet). In any event, the smuggling operation takes on alternative cargo in the form of a group of half elves whom PC Lillith is helping flee the country, so the caper doesn't necessarily work out badly for Ms. Kankaniel.

Following the shipping of the half elves, she disappears from the story, at least for the time being. However, we may not have heard the last of her. At the minimum, she seems to have made landfall on the Southern Continent, although we have no idea what happens to her after that.

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