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A very minor offshoot of the Veracian Church, as it exists in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

As yet, we don't know much about this denomination, and only one of its temples has been seen, in the south Veracian town of Homontel. Various player characters are passing through town when, apparently coincidentally, this temple catches fire and they try to help put it out. The senior priest at the temple, one Father Rexford, proves to be enough of a sexist (or perhaps just an idiot) that he won't let females such as Sister Rose help fight the fire in any way more substantive than praying for divine aid (i.e., by casting Healing spells on people burned during the firefighting). At least one of his parishioners shares in this misogynist view, to Rose's disgust, and also stops her from doing anything useful. However, the fire does get doused somehow, and the merry crew moves on. There is also a Luminositan Scientist temple in Lorenzel, but it has only been mentioned, not seen.

Doctrinally, they're basically a complete mystery to us so far. At one time Rose gave a lengthy discourse that indicated that the Luminositan Scientists have a "highly heterodox" view of what the Festival of Departure is all about. There are other odd hints that they're one of the more out-there splinter denominations of the Veracians, although they're officially tolerated, unlike such weirdos as, say, the Malletarians.

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