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A player character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role playing game, portrayed by Porcelain Fish. His basic concept is introduced here, from which the following description is taken. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.


Name: Maduin Lochlear Age: 24 Race: Human

Physical characteristics: Curly brown/blonde hair, hazel eyes, not quite plump, but well-fleshed. Dimples. About 5'9'.

Backstory: Maduin is the son of well-to-do merchant Graham Lochlear and his wife, determined homemaker Jeanine Lochlear. He is the third child of five, two brothers and two sisters. (Graham Jr, Lawrence, Susan, and Anastasia). Rather than the well-known and prestigious institution of Sashi Mu, he attended a smaller, private college on the outskirts of Tsuiraku, Kani Mu Duair.

Maduin is always polite (due to his upbringing), sometimes flighty, occasionally manipulative, on rare occasions sarcastic, and while he's regarded by many of those who know him as fairly bright, he never quite seems to put his intelligence to the proper use that his parents would prefer to advance himself in life. As trite and cliched as it sounds, he's more interested in finding someone to love, with the rest of his priorities often taking a place on the back burner when they should be at the forefront of his attention. His scholastic standing was an unfortunate casualty of said distraction, and while he finished in the upper quarter of his class and acquired a magical license, he didn't do as well as his parents and instructors felt he could have.

Jeanine isn't thick, and she has a fairly good idea of what's on his mind, but unfortunately, what she doesn't know is that the long line of young ladies she's introduced him to don't interest him at all. In fact, he'd rather compete with them for the attention of whatever happens to be tall, broad-shouldered, attractive, and nearby. Therein lies the problem. He can't find anyone to return his affections, so he's decided to broaden his search area.


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