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An article of apparel, or artifact, or magical item, or whatever you want to call it, in the Errant Story on-line free-form role-playing game. It doesn't explicitly exist in the Poe-verse, although troll religious practices may involve something vaguely similar.

This rather strong-smelling garment is actually a matter of great value to the trolls, being worn by the male mate of a powerful female leader of a trollish clan/tribe ("Chieftess" is the phrase for such a leader in Errant Story itself, although "Matriarch" is used in Errant Road). A Robe, to use a shorter name for the thing, is important to the trolls' use of cannibalism in their religious practices, as magic-using Chieftesses/Matriarchs can incorporate a bit of tissue of deceased trolls into the Robe, thereby keeping a bit of their "Wisdom" (basically, racial memory) around for later consultation. Tiny bits of sentient and semi-sentient things that the trolls eat can also be incorporated into the Robe, which actually comes in useful on occasion, by offering spiritual advice on the area where the devoured critter roamed before becoming troll food.

Player character Grope wears a Many-Fathers-God-Wisdom-Robe, as his mate Zhbrigeeul is the Matriarch of their tribe -- or rather, alas, was the Matriarch, as she had a most unfortunate, fatal encounter just before the start of Errant Road. Most anomalously, the grieving Grope was able to incorporate a bit of his mate's Wisdom into the Robe (having absorbed a little of her magical skill in a most grisly way), and he continues to wear the thing as he seeks a new mate, even though that new mate won't necessarily be a Matriarch. He uses it to take the wisdom of the various varmints he dispatches as the game proceeds. Presumably he'll pass it on to the mate of his clan's new Matriarch, if there is one, which is in some doubt because of the eruption of the Dwarven Forge.

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