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Marcus is a character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, played by AdamZero. Like all Errant Road player characters, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. His basic concept can be found in this thread on the Forum.



Name: Marcus (Last name was Fielder until it was stripped from him.)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Occupation: Vagabond, outcast, hire-able hand, Mage(ish): no formal training impulse magick mostly (Fire/Earth focused also Un-liscensed), Necromancer (that last one isn't public, so shoosh about it)

Equipment: Loose tunics, worn out pants, and makeshift cloaks. A black oak staff, a strange pouch filled with graveyard dirt, and his money purse, which always seems to have just enough coppers for the night.

Appearance: Imagine for a moment an average 19 year old male...the sort that grows up in a society that expect you to work sun up to sun down.

At around 5'8" he stands with a slight slouch, more from traveling tire. His hair is a mess, and hasn't been cut in at least two years (though he keeps it clean with hygiene spells), the tangle of hair is the first thing that attacks attention. The scar is the next. A long horizontal slash across an otherwise nice, gentle, face, along the line just below his nose. The scar draws one to his blue-gray eyes. Fierce, a little bloodshot, but not mean. They don't say "I'm dangerous" so much as they say, "Dangers around me".

While his body is still fit from manual labor in a rural town, his arms are slowly loosing their tone, but his legs maintain their form from all his walking. His abs are apparent, but not 'ripped' to any degree, the same with the rest of his muscles. His feet, if he's not wearing shoes, show clear signs he's walked everywhere he's gone his whole life since standing.


Raised with the intent to be another pair of hands, a quiet mouth that only ate and never spoke back, and maybe a 'seed' to 'sow' in a slightly better family 'field', Marcus wasn't the apple of his father's eye. He was fifth of seven where four (including him) were boys. On the down side, he didn't gain much attention in the way of love, affection, support, etc. On the upside, it meant that if his chores were done, he was free to do whatever he wanted; if he could avoid his elder siblings. Something almost impossible until he turned ten...when he found he could move earth.

He figured it was magic, but he kept his mouth shut, and practiced whenever everyone else was working. Not at night, alone, in the dark, because that cliche always leads to someone finding out, as Marcus had discerned from the tales the old men told at the village's tavern. He didn't focus on the fact that the people were burned, or went crazy. That was because they were caught before they knew how to handle themselves...Marcus being the bright and observant 'lesser child'.

So he soon learned how to control enough ground that when his manipulative siblings came looking for him in the fields, he was right under their feet, laughing, and making the fields a bit more fertile if he could manage it. Days and weeks passed and Marcus found fire to also fall into his grasp, his fingers moving about, and as his lips made rhymes to draw his will to his power, he began to wonder what else he could do.

Fate, it seemed, decided to throw him a bit of a jagged bone. One night he was traveling home from the tavern where he and his friends celebrated his 18th birthday, the first he'd been able to celebrate away from his family; never getting 'gifts' only hand-me-downs from them. There, with the moon gone from the sky, and the stars almost veiled by an autumn storm, he met a strange figure.

Even he forgets what he said, what he heard, or the full measure of the exchange, but in the bag of gifts from his friends, was a book. A book of the dead.

Now this wasn't THE book of the dead. or even A 'The book of the dead'. Rather it was the something like Necromancy for the rookie mage.

After avoiding his siblings, those who still lived in the main house anyway, he sorted through his gifts, opened up a bottle of sweet water and began to read.

He kept reading till dawn, entranced, and empowered. The book dissolved into graveyard soil, which he caught in a small bag, which he hung around his neck. He worked that one day harder than he had in his whole life, outshining his brothers in his diligence and physical strength. Of course this brought his father's attention to him, and when one of his siblings snitched he'd been reading a strange book, which had vanished in mystery, the night before...well one thing leads to another.

A back water town doesn't take kindly to anyone who steps out of pace with their form and function.

But before anyone could so much as say 'Heresy'. He was gone. His room almost bare, and when they searched in the neighboring towns, out of 'public concern' they found one such town had seen him, and there he'd pawned off much of everything he owned for rations, a cloak, and a staff.


Mysterious, a bit of a joker. Stubborn.

Known Connections

The Nine

Mysterious organization Marcus works for.


Ayiee: Lucas' golem. Casually curious about.
Boris: Marcus' skeletal... whatever. Marcus uses him as storage space.
Grope: Has chatted with a couple times.
Jamie Porter: Marcus and Jamie often pal around together, causing more trouble than really should be legal. In fact, often enough, legal has nothing to do with it. Marcus seems interested in some sort of relationship. Jamie seems to waver between "Dinner will get you everywhere" and "I'll break that hand off if you don't move it NOW."
Lucas: Hired him as his guide.
Roger: left the adventure party is part of some time ago.
Toivo: left the adventure party is part of some time ago.

Jasmine: Seems convinced that Marcus is Jamie's lover, and wants him to make Jamie "an honest woman."

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