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In the world of Errant Road, a small town in Veracia, somewhere south of Saus. Needless to say, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Adventurers Argus, Lillith, Sasha, Brother Miguel and Sister Rose pass by this wide spot in the road as they journey toward the similarly small town of Ramanzel to try to figure out what became of the fugitive Father Egbert. However, they're met at the outskirts of town by a ragtag militia of sorts that doesn't exactly live up to the nearby sign proclaiming Mazantzel "The Friendly Village." Remarkably, among this motley crew is one Father Dugoy, priest of the Veracian Church in town, who takes exception to the "infidels" in the party. They disperse quickly when they realize their basic ineptitude in the face of a band of travelers who are armed to the hilt and know what they're doing, leaving Dugoy to bluster and threaten magical violence. This simply leads to him getting subdued by Lillith in a particularly embarrassing manner.

Rose, who has seen this kind of behavior before in the small towns of northern Veracia, quickly figures out what's going on: an attempted shakedown with a partner on the other side of town who will offer more "friendly" treatment when the party gets there -- for a fee, of course, and probably with the travelers getting their pockets picked (or worse) once they settle into a "welcoming" inn. The travelers have no intention of putting up with that kind of treatment and avoid the town, apart from a small bit of grocery shopping done by a uniquely disguised Rose. Word is that Dugoy's racketeering, which Rose and Miguel reported to their friends in the Veracian special forces, has attracted the attention of the Cardinal Inquisitor, which may have ... painful ... consequences for Dugoy when the Inquisitor gets around to investigating him. However, the travelers have moved on and won't be back, so these not-so-jolly activities will occur off stage, probably.

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