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Mildred Hamael, nee Kankaniel, is a non-player character in the Errant Road free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Mrs. Hamael is the sister of the important NPC Father Egbert, whose mysterious disappearance following an upsetting crystal-ball call set all manner of events in motion. She lives with her husband Wilbur and two children in the town of Heamish, a wide spot in the road between Saus and Emerylon. Like Father Egbert, her roots are far to the south of Heamish, in another small town called Ramanzel. However, she hasn't lived there in a long time.

She receives a visit from player character Argus Cleiviein and NPC Brother Miguel as they try to sort out just what happened to Father Egbert. She doesn't know much about the subject herself, at least that she's willing to discuss, but the sudden demise of a giant swamp beaver that drops in at an inconvenient time convinces Argus and Miguel that there's more to the Hamael family than meets the eye. To all appearances, however, she's as shocked when the beaver drops dead (at the command of her son Jason, no less) as anyone else. The last shoe surely has not dropped here.

Like practically everyone else in Heamish, she's a member of the Veracian Church, and lends her (less than world-class) musical talents to services at the temple there. The temple, of course, is Orthodox, but the Hamaels apparently belong to a minor denomination called the "Millenarians." There's only one church in town, so she attends what's there. However, this heterodoxy, which would go unremarked upon in such enlightened(!?) places as Saus, makes her and the rest of the family outsiders in Heamish -- that and the fact that they're recent arrivals, most of the denizens apparently having been born there and acting like it.

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