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In the world of Errant Road, an amusement park somewhere in Farrel, most likely northwest of the country's center. It may (or may not) be an important venue for adventurers Lucas, Jamie, and so on. It derives its name from a mountain range somewhere to the east, and is located atop a foothill of that range. This vignette in the Forum will probably tell you more than you really wanted to know about the place, including the fact that it has a mascot named "Peaky."

We don't know much about it, but we do know that it's a product of the Mesuinu family, with all that that implies. Family matriarch (that's the polite term...) Saiko has had much to do with the design (i.e., the basic weirdness) of the park, and was the center of attention in a kidnapping scheme that turned out weirdly even by Mesuinu standards. Her lieutenant Annika had a brief(?) fling with Lucas. Some other park employees:

  • Davan -- named but never seen, special-effects guru
  • Galina -- security specialist, has developed a friendship with Layla
  • J.P. -- system engineer with an unpronounceable first name; responsible for the Lost Veracian Mine ride
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