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A very minor NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

This elderly woman shows up as a nun in the Millenarian temple in Gervasiel, when PCs Argus, Sister Rose, etc., come visiting. She would hardly be worth mentioning at all, were it not for the fact that young Jedidiah Bindiel, whom the party rescued from a weird death-like state in a canyon outside town, recognizes her as a favorite schoolteacher -- from a long time ago. Since Rose, Argus, etc., have brought young Jed to the temple precisely in the hopes of finding someone to take the boy in, it's generally gratifying that Mrs. M does indeed remember him fondly and offers him the hospitality of the church. However, there's something about the whole encounter (notably the fact that her memories of him are from twenty-five years in the past, and Jed seems to be barely ten years old) that leaves Rose and others with a decidedly spooky feeling about the whole affair. Well, it's not Mrs. Mogrian's fault. Probably.

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